Questions on Converting to Coptic Orthodoxy

For the past few years I have been fasting, praying and researching all making me feel drawn to Coptic Orthodoxy. I have fallen in love with the Church and its apostolic nature, its liturgy, theology and traditions and it is my dream to be baptized into the Church the only thing is that now I'm not really sure how to begin the process of entering the Church. I'm comming from a protestant background but i've never been baptized and have been living in Israel the past 4 years where the community is rather small should I just go to the nearest Coptic church and ask to speak with the first priest I see or is there something else I need to do? time isn't an issue at all but any advice to make the process to being a full member of the Church simpler would be much appreciated! 


  • Yes, absolutely! Visit the closest priest. Copts are very friendly everywhere, and we have many churches in Israel from what I understand.
  • pray.

    go to church.


    read the Bible.


    read church history.


    go to church again.


    (briefest version of how I became orthodox from a protestant background)

  • Copts i think isnt ethnik!Is religion!I was born not as Copt but as muslim.Now i am a Coptic christian!
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