I Am A 2nd Year University Student In Electrical Engineering. Unfortunately I Was Dimissed For Low Grades. The Reason Is That I Didn't Study At All And My Parents Know I Didn't Study Since I Live With Them. The Thing Is My Dad And I Have'nt Got Along For Some Time And I Couldn't Have The Courage To Tell Him I Am Dismissed. What Do U Think I Should Do?


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    You should go to abouna and get advise. He may tell you later to tell your dad. But before you go just make a few moments with yourself realising your mistakes or thinking about them and also learn that it is not the end of the world and pray to God about it to give you wisdom and strength. The path may not be easier to get back on track and you may not be able to recover the time you wasted but it is still possible to get back on track. If things go well with your father you could go to the university and try to appeal the decision because family problems can be a real thing the university takes into consideration assuming that is what you may have. Unfortunately many of us may not be ready for tribulations we get in the world but for every temptation there is always a way out. I can not say if the world throws it at us or if it is God will to fulfill His calling. Maybe you can go to an easier university or do engineering at a part time university. It makes no difference when you start working

  • @mikeforjesus thank you for your comforting words. may God bless you.
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