Just a question that has been in my mind lately: Is there a theological difference between salvation and redemption?  (and like if so, what is that) haha :) 

Thanks for your help, guys! God bless you! :)


  • I believe salvation is saving souls through the atoning sacrifice of Christ. Redemption means the same; redeeming souls but may have a more "universal" implication: means total restoration of all creation to the original blameless state before the fall; "new heaven and new earth" (as in book of revelation) again through the atoning sacrifice of Christ.
  • I'm sorry. I'm kind of confused. Does that mean there is no difference? Like is everyone redeemed, but not everyone saved? Can you please elaborate a little? Thank you! God bless you. :)
  • Salvation applies only to human souls but redemption potentially applies to all creation (not only human souls) although not everyone agrees with this!
  • Linguistically speaking,
    Salvation means you are saved from something bad. Redemption means you are redeemed or you returned to a previous status that was taken away. In Orthodox soteriology, both are done through Christ simultaneously so there is really no difference. 
  • @Remnkemi

    So then, can you lose Redemption? Can you lose salvation? And when Protestant denominations talk about slavation in the way that they define it, are they confusing salvation and redemption? 
  • Yes you can loose redemption and salvation. A person who is baptized can fall into sin and  not repent. He would have lost salvation. We see St Paul was aware that he could abuse his authority in preaching the gospel. In order to prevent that, he subjected his body and soul "let when [he] has preached to others, [he] may be disqualified.(1 Cor 9:27" from salvation. But he was also certain in his hope that he will be saved and that is what he continued to preach.

    First and foremost, salvation is a gift. We have to do our part and labor to keep it. But our labor is not what saves us. This is why Protestant denominations went crazy over. They saw the pendulum shift from gift to personal works. But the net result was they excluded any reference of work or labor. 

    I don't think there is anyone confusing between salvation and redemption. I think there is a confusion in how one receives salvation and redemption. 
  • Sometimes redemption also refers to restoration or spiritual regeneration. You can see that in the lives of the Saints like St Moses the Black. So, redemption can be manifest in "flesh" or in this life.
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