Does anyone have Coptic hymns in English letters?

I am trying to learn to read Coptic, and have a basic understanding. Although, I would like to learn the hymns to help out in church. Does anyone have the Hymns in this style for the Divine Liturgy for all seasons of the church?

Thank you!


  • you can find some hymns in the library with english-coptic lyrcs like this

    comunque anche io sto facendo la tua stessa cosa, ti consiglio di ascoltare un canto e in contemporanea di seguirlo con il testo in copto e di scriverlo in italiano. per esempio ora che siamo in quaresima potresti farlo con somatos :
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    Thank you very much. I am an Italian-American from Pennsylvania and a native English speaker. The reason I have my nickname as "Italian" is that my surname sounds Iranian and everyone at the church thinks I am Egyptian with parents who never taught me Arabic. I would confuse the congregation singing in Italian being that they were either born in Egypt, Ohio or Pennsylvania. :-) Thank you very much for the links. Have a Blessed Fast.

    Thank you for the thoughtful, bi-lingual response! Grazie Mille!
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