Annunciation Not Being Celebrated?

This year the feast of the Annunciation falls on the same day as the last Friday in Lent. I have seen one church schedule that says it isn't being celebrated, but I wanted to confirm that.


  • That may be the case...But i haven't checked with rites books yet. I know for sure that if it falls between Lazarus Saturday and Easter it is not celebrated. Not sure about Last Friday of Lent. 
  • I actually think it should be celebrated
    Oujai khan ebshois
  • According to the SUS copts calendar site, it says it will not be celebrated this year:

    I personally don't know why.  I think that's such an important major feast to ignore.
  • Interestingly it was the same argument 5 years ago on this thread

    I understand that discussion is good but the major downfall in the Coptic Church in my experience, perhaps other churches as well, seems to be that nearly everyone has an "opinion". I too regularly have an opinion and then I like to remind myself of one important verse "My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgement" James 3:1.

    The Annunciation in my view is an extremely important feast and does not receive the importance it deserves. Let's face it this is the feast that let man know God was coming in the flesh and is the first of all other feasts.If I were asked I would say that it should be celebrated on the last Friday of lent as I cannot see why this is such an important day. The ritual of Kandil could still be added between Matins and the Liturgy as it does not conflict with anything. The last Friday or last day of Lent only used to be important as people stopped fasting until the Pascha Week. This is no longer the case.
  • Guys,

    This is not a big deal. This is exactly the reason why we celebrate the feast the other 8 months--every 29th of the coptic months, even if it has been developed into Annunciation, Resurrection, and Nativity.

    This same reasoning is applied to the Feast of the Cross. The actual feast of Queen Helen finding the Cross is Baramhat 10, but that always falls in Lent. So even though the rite of the day changes to festive and hosanna, but we don't break our fast. So the Church setup the 3-day-feast on Tout 17-19 to confirm that any one of those days will for sure be a non-fasting day. 

    Anba Mettaous Rites books confirms this rite by saying, about the Annunciation:
    "If the Annunciation feast falls on the last Friday of Lent, or Lazarus Saturday, or Hosanna Sunday, or Holy Week to the second day of the Resurrection Feast, it is not celebrated since these days carry/include Lordly events that are non-recurring [in the liturgical year]"
  • Interesting...thanks for the old thread!
  • I agree with @drewhalim. We should have canons and not opinions. I also agree about the feast's importance and why it should be celebrated.
    @minatasgeel, it's interesting to point to the description "non-recurring Lordly events"! Why the division into MAJOR and minor Lordly feasts in the first place!
    Oujai khan ebshois
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    I think the division into major and minor feasts is just a convenient way of organizing. If we truly had 7 "major" feasts, we wouldn't even be fasting during some of them. There are no consistency in the canons of some of these feasts.

    If you look at the other Oriental Orthodox churches, there are different ways of enumerating Church feasts.

    The way I see it, by "lex orandi", there are three feasts which seem to be the center of the liturgical calendar of the year: Nativity, Theophany, and Resurrection

    Perhaps Ramez can help us in this regard the history of defining our feasts.
  • I've always wondered why the Last Friday is a big deal and is celebrated as if it were a weekend Lenten liturgy. I know it is the last technical day of fasting for Lent, but why is the weekend tune and hymns, such as Teeshori and arpamevi for the Praxis response, used on this day?
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