Egyptian Coptic names

If an Egyptian is named Michael Ghomus ("Homus" is an alternative spelling) Azar, what does the "Ghomus" mean? I believe Michael's father is named Azar so does "Ghomus" mean "son of" in either Coptic or Arabic? I know that Michael's father is a priest. 


  • Are you sure you spelled that correctly? If Michael's father is a priest, it probably means "hegumen". But "Qumus" an Arabic word, not Coptic.
  • Dear @Ken1,
    As @minasoliman pointed out it's an Arabic title, not a Coptic name. Sudanese people and other Arabic dialects pronounce the letter qaf as ghain..
    Oujai khan ebshois
  • Thanks minasoliman and ophadece! Minasoliman hit the nail on the head with "hegumen." Here's what I found in Wikipedia:

    In the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria the rank is used in the capacity of an archpriest and actually is one. The name in the Arabic is Kommos, which is in turn a derivation of the Greek Ighoumenos and this honorary title is granted to both married priests and hieromonks without distinction and is not used in the capacity of an Abbot, although the monasteries' abbots used to be Hegumen until the beginning of the 20th century, but by the mid century, the Church of Alexandria started to appoint Bishops in the capacity of Abbots. On the other hand, the rank of archimandrite fell into disuse in the Church of Alexandria from the late 16th century.

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