St Mark names

St. Mark had Two Names:
1- Jewish name.
St Mark2- Roman name.

- His Jewish name, "John", meant "The Kindness of God" , and it was mentioned twice in the Book of Acts. [Acts 13:5, 13].

- His Roman name was "Mark" which meant a "hammer", an unfamiliar name to the Jews.
Josephus, in his book, mentioned that he was the cousin of Philo.

Our Apostle was mentioned as Mark in all the epistles of St. Paul [Cor 4:10 ; Phi 24 ; II Tim 4:11] ; St. Peter in [1 Peter 5:13] and in the Book of Acts [Acts 15:39].

On three occasions, his two names were mentioned together. It was either said, John who was named Mark, or John who was known as Mark.


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