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Hello all
A friend and myself had started being prayer buddies a while ago and had set prayers out of the Agpeya which we did every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I'm wondering if anyone would like to join in and form a prayer group? We started with:
In the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit, One God Amen
Then: Let us pray thankfully Our Father who art in heaven......
Then: The thanks giving prayer
Then: Have mercy upon me O God.....
I also did Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of hosts but you don't need to do that one if you don't want too.

I was also thinking of a name for this group, which is the fallen, in recognition of our verious states of trails and tribulations.
We could also post a verse or two in which the Holy Spirit inspired you during the week.

Feel free to join on this post and my prayers that God brings strength to all who listen to His wisdom through His word.


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    I joined another online group where we promised to pray the sext no matter where we are in the world. I can definitely keep your group in mind in my prayers
  • Thanks Mina
    The very sad and horrific news of the people killed in St Peters Church calls us to pray for the repose of those matyrs and that those closely effected keep their peace in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Our Bishop Surely has gone to support the copts there. God bless him and that he gives comfort and strength.
  • Can the typo be changed to Bishop Suriel please.
  • may God rest the martyrs and comfort their friends.
    may we all have their courage and keep praying.
  • Maybe we can create a Reddit prayer group? Seeing as Reddit is quite popular, we can create a SubReddit and encourage youth to join as they please. Somehow, we can create a counter that keeps tracks of "prayer streaks", the goal being to pray everyday. We can post prayers on there, encouragement, books, spiritual guidance, etc? 

    Just a thought
  • Sounds a great idea Khas. Are you willing to help set it up.
    Some of us need more prayer and the motivation to do so.
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