Monestary life

Hi I was wondering what it is like to live in the monastery like the daily routines and activities if anyone has been on retreat please tell me your experience because I plan on going on retreat to St. Mary and St. Moses Abbey in Texas and i don't have the faintest clue what in going to encounter. And if you could include things that I should bring and advise cuz I'll be there for like 2 weeks and I know I'll live it iv heard so much good news. Thanks


  • i have not yet been to a coptic orthodox monastery,
    but i recommend you take with you love, humility and enthusiasm.

  • Thank you @mabsoota does anyone have other answers please.
  • you can try this website
    there's some great details about spiritual retreats under "alsourian" in the top bar.
    in fact the whole website is excellent but unfortunately most of the books are in arabic.
    hope this will be of help
    please remember me in your prayers

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