I have prayed for guidance and searched for answers. I wish to join a coptic church. Problem is I live way down south in Georgia and can find no help in converting. How can i get the help and answers I seek?


  • may God help you.
    the first thing is to pray to God (as you have done) and keep looking for His answers.
    if you would like to know God, i would recommend any orthodox church, so if there is no coptic orthodox church near you, maybe you will find an ethiopian orthodox church or an orthodox church of america.

    read the Bible, especially the new testament, and read church history, as this will help you to see why the orthodox church is good.

    if you like listening to things, there are good sermons here:

    may God guide you
  • Hello Michele,
          Wecome to this site and I'm sorry that response has been slow. God bless you for coming here and I pray you find what it is that you look for in your journey and fulfillment in our Lord Jesus Christ. Where ever you go He is always there.

       There are two Coptic Churches in Georgia:

       Both in Atlanta, and those web sites has the priests names and phone numbers so any concerns about converting please feel feel to talk with them.
       We had a convert whom was Catholic and I think he just went through Christimation, so didn't need to be baptisted.

        God bless and I pray for you.
  • There is also a convent with a church, of course, in Dawsonville. The Bishop, HH Youseff, is there often and he is fluent English, as are a majority of Priests in the south.
  • Michele, if you private message me, I will give the contact information for one of the nuns serving in Georgia. 
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