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Hi ,
Recently been listening to few Arabic Christian songs. That's when i came across songs by Praise team Egypt. I liked them a lot. I just wanted to know whether they are an independent reformed group or linked to the Coptic OC.Kindly reply. Thank you.
May Jesus be with you all.


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    They are most likely Protestant folks from Egypt. A station like Sat 7 is an example of Egyptian Protestant practices. It's not a split, they are people who converted via missionaries who have come to Egypt in the last century or so. You could read Comparative Theology by Pope Shenounda III, he does say some basic stuff about how Protestant missionaries have made an impact on the COC.

    You can see some of the influence even today, especially with immigrants to western countries where praise music to western melodies is common.

    They aren't formally connected to the COC, and there has been some detailed discussions about that issue. I hope this helps, I don't mean to open Pandora's Box.
  • Thank you for the reply. I asked the question because i saw a video which i think is praise team singing in Cave Church. a Coptic church in Zabbeleen (maybe i am wrong). The faith, history and traditions of COC, and Coptic Christians always inspired me. I always pray for the church and its people.
  • thanks for your prayers, yohangeorge, we appreciate them :)
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