Dating someone with poor English

Hi guys - without judgement here, I'm looking for advice and thoughts from those who have dated/ are dating/ married to someone with poor English. As you may have guessed, I'm getting to know someone, but he has really bad English (grammar, accent, etc.).... At first I thought this was not a big deal, but as we talk more, I'm finding it difficult to understand some of the stuff he says, and quite frankly, it's embarrassing to me at times. I do not correct him out loud, but I can't turn off the auto-correct in my brain. Am I being unreasonable? He is very sweet and has a great relationship with God and the church, but I don't know if the whole English/communication issue will get better overtime or will make things difficult down the road. 


  • Politely talk over the problem with him. Tell him how you feel about his English and say how you feel about him and is there a way he thinks he can improve it? If he can't maybe suggest english classes.
  • do you speak his language?
    unless you are really bad at languages, you should speak his first language. this is useful for your friendship, and very important if you are considering marriage.
    remember, you may not end up living in an english speaking country later in life, so it is good to keep your options open.

    then you can help each other with language study, meeting on equal terms, as you will both be speaking 'bad' foreign languages.
    (it worked for me!)

    also, when i was learning arabic, my friend from church asked for help with his english, which made me feel better about speaking terrible arabic (which i still do).
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