Wedding with celebrant

My partner is Coptic and I am Catholic. We both strongly believe in our faiths and either one of us do not want to change our religion. I do not want to convert to Coptic and do not expect him to marry in a Catholic Church and be excommunicated from his church. Would he still be excommunicated if we were to be married by a celebrant? Can our children be raised by Coptic church and if they are, what issues would I have as the mother not being part of the church? For eg can I still attend Coptic mass with them if I wanted to?


  • are your faiths different?
    do you believe God has a plan for your lives?
    as for attending church, anyone from any religion or from atheism is welcome to attend the coptic orthodox church. 
  • Dear Aless,

    What does it mean to you to be a Roman Catholic Christian? What does it mean for him to be an Orthodox Christian?

    Before you can even answer a question about marriage, you should first ask what the faith means to you?
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