Saint's favorite books

I was wondering if anyone knew what any of the Saint's favorite books of the Bible were. I was hoping to have a sort of Bible study/Holy Book Club with the Saints may sound kind of odd but I just want read something they would have wanted to (either their favorite of all time or their favorite for a certain season or time of year).
Also, if anyone knows where to find commentaries on the Bible by the Saints or books of theirs that resonate with certain books of the Bible.
If no one can help me with that, I would appreciate suggestions on a favorite book of the Bible paired with another sort of book of the Coptic Church or by a Saint.
Thank you very much and God bless


  • I know that Jeremiah the prophet would often appear to St Bishoy and explain to him his prophecies, etc. hope this helped a little, not much but it's a start. The book of Jeremiah should keep you busy for some time.
  • I did not know that about him! Thank you very much :)
  • You got it dude. I'll let you know if I find anything else out
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