My Introduction :)

Hello to my brothers and sisters in Christ,

My name is Daniel H. I am from the church of St. Abanoub in Springfield, VA. I am a deacon (my deacon name is Kyrillos, hence my username here) of the Oghnostos rank. I joined this site's forums because I would like to be able to ask questions to a community of wiser, more "experienced" Copts, and to learn of the hymns and of the church from them.
A couple more facts about me:
+I was born in the USA
+My younger brother is also an Oghnostos
+I think I am a bit young compared to many people on this site... I still have not finished tertiary education.
Feel free to ask any questions or to talk to me at any time through this site or through my e-mail: [email protected]

`Aripameui `nje `P[oic,


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