Anouna Roufaeel anis

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hay guys
i was wondering can ne 1 tell me where 2 get taritel or hymns or liturgies that he has recorded or ne sites please some of u might b thinking y does he want abouna roufaeel anis ill tell u y because he used 2 b our preast here in New Zealand but some problems happened with the congragation and he left (long story) and mi dad and abouna roufaeel had a really colse relationship and i loved him very much so if ne 1 can help me please thank u



  • can you please tell me the story??????????????????????????????
    because a problem happened her too in my church and i just want to know the reoson to see if it is the same??????????
  • some congration members had a problem with him and there way of dealing with things is not very pleasent and they confronted and the talked 2 him in a very very bad manner so bad to the exxtent that he couldent stay ne more these ppl also threatend him and that is what made him leave :( :'(

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