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Recently a person from my past has crept in my life, into my circle and that person was very nasty and bullied me to the core. They broke me down and I never really recovered.
Anyway I finally felt like I moved on with my life when I started a new life, had new friends, church etc.
But now that person is back into my life and is slowly taking my friends away and I can't do anything about it.

My question is how do I handle is. And no, can't make peace with this person, it's not an option, they are literally the definition of nasty. I haven't told people about her so it's easy that they get fooled by her and unfortunately she's very manipulative and literally gets an army to back her up and bully me. So I don't stand a chance at defending myself as I don't know nasty people that can go head to head with her.


  • My story is the same but a male. But he bought me out of my sin and brought me to God.
    I will try and support you but know that the trails and tribulations bring you closer to God. I won't talk too much for now and I count myself very blessed by what happened. Many things have guided me since through God and I still make mistakes but I do reproach myself, so I know my conscience is still healthy.

    Can I ask you do they desire God?

  • In the meantime I will pray for you. No pun intended.
  • Hello needadvice,

      Sorry to hear you are suffering from this situation and I pray for your integrity and strength in Jesus Christ.

       In Jesus we seek unity with our brethren in peace, after all, we are sociable and were created in oneness in His likeness. That been said, it is sin that causes dis-unity and one of the hardest sins to deal with is pride. It puts us in a position above others. If someone threatens us with their pride we can end up defending our own. This is a mistake, because then we are doing what they are doing and end up putting ourselves above them.
       You are been isolated by this person but please use it as we suffer as Christ suffered for our sake.
    When Jesus was dying on the cross He said "Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do."  Why did Jesus ask the Father to forgive them? It is because from that point on they can be judged. God would not be able to judge if He had held His life against them when He died. So He had to show mercy first in forgiveness. Then after His resurrection, they will be shown what to do as Jesus started His church.

        The ones whom distance themselves from God and church by their sin are been ungodly. They lose their faith by their sin. When we look at satan, we see him cast out because he wanted to be above God, to elevate himself. This putting above or elevation is pride.
     Sin is aggressive, full of fear, deceptive, full of hate and isolating. It is a state of weakness that your bully is in, but cannot deal with it but defends with her dignity. This dignity she defends by using the sin of pride. When she starts gossip she is putting her pride above others as gossip spreads the more proud she becomes. In all of this, she does not have to deal with her sin as this is too hard or unbearable to face. Fear is the hardest emotion to deal with, so know that you are in combat with the fear she can not deal with.

       A lot of fear is in the imagination and what is coming out about you is not conscious and doesn't have the reality of you saying or doing anything wrong, especially if you are been righteous and know exactly what you do and say because of God's commandments and wisdom.
      How do you combat it? Pray for your own integrity, then pray for your enemy as they are in very much need to be saved. Then when you meet those whom you feel have deserted you, keeping yourself in a good spirit, greet them. If they don't respond with the unity you once had; inquire with honesty asking, 'are you too proud to know me, for we once were friends? If you hold this sin of pride against me at least let me know what you have that is above me so I can understand  what is going on with you. If you can't be honest with me I still forgive you because I will not lose my love, even if you have lost yours.'  As I said before fear is very hard to deal with and they might not respond because of fear. 

        When we are isolated it is a state of humbleness in which we search for what saves us in Christ Jesus.

       I will respond later, but my prayers for you that who you are in Jesus is keep safe.    

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