Article on menstrual cycles and Holy Communion?

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So a couple of my Facebook friends posted this article:( and I commented the following to their posts, but I wanted to post it here too in hopes that one of you will be able to help me, as this is something that I personally have been struggling with. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless you all. <3

"I kind of wish this article went into more detail about what about a menstrual cycle makes a woman "unprepared". Or what about nocturnal emissions. I mean having sexual relations the night before is something that can be controlled. Eating before liturgy can be controlled. You can make a conscious decision not to do these things. I can't simply make the conscious decision to not get my period. God created it to occur on a monthly cycle, and unless I use artificial means I can't stop it. Likewise, I don't believe men can control their nocturnal emissions, and simply decide not to get them. So I can't help but wonder what puts things that can't be controlled in the same preparedness category as things that can be controlled."


  • I guess we have the same friends on facebook :-)

    I liked Fr. Moses article to some certain extent. It was a good response to article/blog that was posted by an anonymous female who i guess is very angry at the church for many problems (i would rather not post that article here or even a link to it because it is really just ranting with very little show of knowledge--and of course the comments for are all of women, and against are all of men). But, i didn't really like how abouna Moses got into this whole controversy about keeping women from taking communion or even entering church when on their menstrual cycles. He maybe should of just referenced to it, but i don't think he should wrote a whole paragraph about it.

    Here is a good article about this controversy that I have read myself:
    The blogger here is Donna Rizk who started serving into the NYNE diocese. 
    There is also a good booklet I have read in arabic about this topic but I can't really a get an english version. 
  • I think I read the article he was referring to. But Dr. Donna Rizk seems to present many of the same issues I have noticed with the reasons I have heard in the past. She also presented a lot of information that I did not know or had never thought of, and I found it very interesting and informative. Thank you. :) I know she went to speak to the youth in Boston last week, and I was really disappointed that I missed it because she was talking about something similar (Gender roles in the Church), which I have also been struggling with. Unfortunately, when she went I was already back home.
    :(. God willing I will have another chance to hear her speak.
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