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how many different orthodox are there and what are they (like coptic and armenain and greek) eastern and oriental


  • i know that theres coptic, syrian, russian, greek lol i know deres more but das all i can memba lol
  • i know theres the above plus armenian, indian, and not sure abou the exact standing of the Eritrean and Antiochian churches, but we pray for their leaders (but i think they recognise our pope....not sure!)
  • is there an indian orthodox- i soooo didnt know that wow :o lol
  • yea they came and prayed with us in our church once, and Anba Angaelos went to pray a their church aswell. We even had a sports day with them! Which reminds me, theres also Ethiopian Orthodox
  • And theres serbian as well
  • Are they all our sister churches and if not what seperates us?
  • Coptic
    Lebanese (same as Greek I think)
    British Orthodox Church

    that's all I can think of now.
  • Hey everyone. The Orthodox church is dividied (unfortunately) into a few sections:

    the Eastern Orthodox Church:

    believe in exactly same things as us but they word the Divinity of christ differently: 2 Natures: Human and Divine,in One Person. Also, they have 7 Ecumenical councils

    authority comes from Constantinople:

    Greek, Russian, Serbian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Antiochian (Arab speaking), Georgia, Bulgaria, Albania, There are also a few in China, Japan, Finland, and Poland.

    the Oriental Orthodox church:

    Beleif in the One Incarnate Nature of Christ: fully God, fully Man. Same as Eastern Orth. but worded differently.

    Coptic, Ethiopian, Syrian, Indian (Malankara), and Armenian (and at one point the church of Georgia which is almsot exactly like the church of Armenia culterally, historically..the Georgian chruch is now Eastern Orthodox from many cenuries ago).

    Also there are some breakaway churches such as the Macedonian Orthodox Church which broke away from the Greek church due to cultural and political problems, there are also some russian and greek churches not in communion with the offical Russian+Greek Orthodox churches but their numbers are very small. These are extremists who refuse any change in practise whatsoever and they often use the word" heretic." :)

    Fortunately, the majority of Orthodox are not like this. There are efforts to unite us all in one holy orthodox church, not separated by politics, differences in wording our same faith, and culture.

    check out:

  • Timos,

    Even if we admit to a difference in semantics conveying the same faith, the fact of the matter remains that the wording adopted by the OO church, is the stronger and more Orthodox wording – that which remains faithful to the champion of Christology St Cyril the great.

    The OO Church will never (or at least I hope will never) compromise the terminology we inherited from the great St Cyril, nor will we (or at least I hope not) submit to councils 4-7 as Ecumenical despite the acknowledgement of the Orthodoxy of the substance and intent of such councils; because of the way they treated us and our Saints and hierarchs, and because of the division they instigated and maintained in the Church.

    If re-union is to occur therefore, either the OO church will have to compromise it’s position as stated above (which I also stated I hope it does not) or the EO church will have to humbly declare these councils void Ecumenically speaking, and hence hold another future and true Ecumenical Council with the OO Church to resolve this issue together once and for all – which also doesn’t seem very likely at this stage either.

    The best we can do is pray and hope God’s will be done.

  • hey are there any coptic orthodox churches in italy??
  • I've never realized how many different Orthodox Churches there are. What separates us as Copts from all the other different Orthodoxes? ???
  • i know one church only when i used to go there(ST.MINA)orthodox church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • theres a monastery and a church in the Milan Diocese and there are 4 churches in the torino diocese.
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