requirements to be a Coptic monk

Hello youth group i am really interested in monasticism and wondering what are the requirements that a person needs to go to the monastery and be accepted as a novice and then a monk. Like i know for instance that a person aspiring to be a monk needs to visit the monastery many times, but hat else is required of him. Thank you!


  • hi, i hope u don't mind, but i am copying and pasting something i wrote about marriage.
    preparing for marriage and preparing for monasticism is very similar!
    so if you don't end up being a monk, you have not wasted any time!
    it starts by learning how to submit...

    you can only understand the concept of submission in marriage if you understand the concept of Christians submitting to one another generally.
    the person is who is really humble, and always wants to help and never complains about doing the really boring tasks to help can easily submit.

    try submitting to God in your spiritual life and you will soon understand.
    so when God is saying, come on, wake up and pray, you say 'ok' and get up a bit earlier.
    when you have spare time, read the Bible.
    when you have spare energy, look for someone you can help, for example help your family, friends or neighbours by washing the plates before anyone asks, or tidy the house, or walk the neighbour's dog, or just generally put others first.
    ask your priest what he recommends you do in your spiritual life to get closer to God.

    always remember that other people know more than you, and don't be the first to give your opinion.

    do all these things, and then you will understand what is submission.
    it is not something that can be explained easily, but it can be learnt by copying other submissive, humble people 
    (signed by not very humble married person who is trying to become more submissive)
  • There isn't an actual "checklist". However before the monastery accepts you, you need to finish your worldly responsibilities first (e.g. pay any debts you might have, completed your studies (college), etc). But whats more important than all of that is that your father of confession approves (as you will need a letter from him when you visit the monastery). Keep me in your prayers and you will be mine. Also keep us updated. God bless 
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