OK. This question may be a bit strange, but (please correct me if I'm wrong) I thought Yeshua translated to Joshua. If this is true, why do we call our Lord and Savior "Jesus" instead of "Joshua"?


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    You're absolutely correct. It's not a weird question at all. Joshua = Jesus. We use the word "Jesus" as a corollary to the Greco-Roman word of "Isoos", which is their translation from "Joshua". Therefore, the English "Jesus" is a translation of a translation.

    So literally, the successor to Moses is Jesus (or Joshua), and we also have a book in the Old Testament named Wisdom of Jesus (or Joshua), Son of Sirach. Our good Lord and Savior is also named Jesus (or Joshua). This is all the same name which means "God is our salvation".
  • I think it's ok to spell or pronounce names different to differentiate. Like:
    - Zecharias (nkjv for John the Baptist father) and Zechariah (nkjv old testament prophet). 
    - Judas, Jude, Judah

  • Ohhh!! I understand. Thanks guys! God bless you! :)
  • Also James and Jacob is the same name as well.
  • Joshua is Hebrew
     The English used Jesus is from the latin from the Greek. A bit more complicated.

      My sons name is Joshua as he was going to be born on Christmas day. He was born halfway between the western Christmas and ours.
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