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Hello My first question is how does someone wanting to become a monk or has been called by god, become a monk. and my second question is what is the daily in the life of a monk. and finally how the monk gets ordained to pristhood.  


  • In the coptic church:
    - A person should have a relationship with a specific monastery to even be considered for the vow of monasticism. It's not as simple as just leaving the world simply because some may take it as the easy way out, considering how evil the world is currently. So for example, one basic necessity now to have atleast a bachelors degree. 

    - A daily life will mainly include a canon that a monk must follow based on their father of confession guidance. This canon will prob include readings psalms (Agpeya prayers), church services (liturgies, praises), metanias, manual work, reading, and many other spiritual activities.

    - Once a person becomes a monk, say in 3 years or so, he is not to look forward to be part of priesthood. It is expected to happened...but it must not be waited for since a monk's service is to follow the three vows: celibacy, poverty, and obedience. 
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    Monastiscm is a very difficult decision. To consider monastiscm someone considering it needs several things.

    First, they need to have lived the life of a monk in the world. I.e. Observed similar canons with the guidance of their father of confession. Attempting to really step out of their comfort zone. For a successful monastic life, they need to be, at best of their capabilities, detached from themselves and their desires.

    Next, is they need approval from a father of confession to even begin considering this lifestyle.

    Granted his approval, it is recommended that they visit monasteries on several occasions. If they have the means to do so, it is suggested to stay for a long period of time (2-3 months).

    After all these, if the desire for monastiscm persists, they would need to get final approval from their father of confession and the abbot in the monastery.

    Lastly, any monk are heavily suggested to stay away from priesthood, or any thought approaching priesthood :) In any case, usually a monk gets ordained priest by the bishop of the monastery should he see him fit for that call. Monks typically have no say on saying yes/no since they are dead to the world/ dead to the desire of wanting or even not wanting.
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    the person who wants to be a monk should pray at every opportunity, read the Bible at every opportunity, confess and take Holy Communion a lot, and should be famous for being very kind and forgiving with everyone.
    he should (or she, if she wants to be a nun) read all the Bible, including the deuterocanonical books, and read many of the works of the church fathers, especially saint athanasius and saint john chrysostom (ok, these are my 2 favourites, the others are equally important, but i did not read enough yet!)
    he / she should be the first to say 'sorry' in a disagreement and should not complain about doing a boring job for low pay.
    he / she should always take care of the poor, even when he / she is also poor.
    he / she should fast all the church fasts (if there are no serious health problems) and never solve a problem by running away.

    once this person who wants to be a monk has done all that, he should talk to his father of confession about monasticism.
    if monasticism is not possible, don't worry, the above advice also makes it easier for someone to get married!!
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