Struggling with Repentance

Hi all. I'm really struggling with the idea of Repentance and getting myself to go through and coming clean with my sins. I've recently been falling into a trap of sin after sin and some very bad (concerning sexuality). I feel like I've made the biggest mistake of my life and there is no reconciliation after it. I understand that my Father of Confession can help through this and all sins are forgiven with the right heart, but I still feel like I don't have a chance to come back. Is it too late? What's the best way to forward? I can stop my ways because of the fear that I have, but I don't know how to come back. 


  • Hi hiten33 you used the right word when you said sin is a trap. If you think of sin is a trap then you can think in terms of God helping you to get youselff free.
    Then when you talk to abouna you will be talking about how you are going to be free from the sin. Concentrate on the freedom.
    I'm sure abouna would understand how hard you are struggling with the sin.

    My advice is to try and be conscious of what you do and not follow the distracted thoughts that arise occasionally. Try to realize the plan God has for your particular strengths and see the weakness of sin as a disraction to the direction God has for you.
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