How do we know Jesus was not a pacificist?

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There are church fathers quotes which may correctly imply the early church believed in pacificism. But how do I get my heart to accept that I let violent people kill my family. Maybe I can just wound them but what if I have to kill them to stop them? Should I let evil people try to rape someone related to me. But God stopped abimelech from taking sarahs wife by force but He says He only prevented it because He knew abimelech did not know she was abrahams wife. But did abimelech think he can force anyone to be his concubine if they are not married? God did not prevent Shechem from raping dina. Was it really her fault she wanted to see the women of the hivites? did she place herself in an evil environment?
Can we legitimately hope that God will help us if it is according to his will? because it may be we have to forgive our rapists. We did no sin so we should not be ashamed.  Lot was willing to allow evil men to sleep with his daughters is that partly why God punished the sodomites because they can't sleep with angels the angels will stop them.
It was my view that a murderer or rapist as a sign of his repentance he has to accept the death penalty but what if it is removed? does he only have to accept it if it is there? I also viewed the old testament moral laws are still valid so I believed there were cases were violence was acceptable but I am not sure with these quotes. Can we say God will move nations to punish evil doers when the time is right when he sees their sin is complete and they had their chance? God was with the romans in punishing the jews. But we must not make ourselves people of war. But I say that is a contradiction for lack of better words because how can we know when God wants to use us? when we see their sin is complete? when we see they rejected the gospel for no good reason there being proof of it because God's kingdom came?
John the baptist never told the soldiers to stop being soldiers but that was probably because God's kingdom came

Also should christians try to get the state to stop the death penalty?


  • Jesus said he who takes the sword will perish by the sword
    This is referring to unjust murders not the Christian using self defense but everyone who uses the sword when he does not need to. So Jesus accepted the death penalty
    We can't let people hurt our loved ones
    Doing evil means you have to carry responsibility and expect to be punished
    Such a person has chosen their path and they had ample time to choose the light over the darkness. They can be saved like anyone by accepting Jesus on their death bed.

  • That is if they are lucky enough to repent before death and to have time
    Rather than dying while they forsaken God in their heart if they were to cry even to the Lord He would not hear unless He knows it is a genuine repentance
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    If you do not speak up against a bully he will continue bullying. He will not take you seriously. To prevent more bullies from attacking and out of love for bullies you must warn them you will take action. Let them know you will use violence in self defense.He should know what to expect
    Pacifism is a demonic apathetic doctrine which must be opposed everywhere
    I should condemn this heresy when found in others but I won't attack a person because I don't know what is in his heart and he may change one day
    It is correct to protest against violence and expect and tell law enforcements to get behind it
    we are supposed to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves and not to cast our pearls before swine we are only supposed to lay down our lives if we are asked to deny our faith and there is no way out if such person has power over us
    We are commanded not to use eye for an eye if the damage has already been done
    If anyone remains apathetic to protecting the innocent I will have no sympathy to him in my heart
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