Paradise of the desert fathers audio

Hi I'm wondering if anyone has or knows where to find an audio copy of Paradise of the desert fathers.

Merry Christmas and thanks in advance


  • I *think* one of the monks at St Moses Abbey Texas may have a copy.  Don't ask me which monk though, just something I vaguely remember.
  • The Abbey mails out recordings of 'The Sayings of the Desert Fathers' yearly. You can sign up for there mailing list via their website. Though, they are on the third volume of recordings now. I can send you recordings if you would like.
  • merry Coptic Christmas
    I would like to ask for those recordings if you please..
    Oujai khan ebshois
  • thanks @Menafayik

    That would be much appreciated.

    many thanks
  • Which Paradise of the Fathers are you looking for? 

    E.A.Wallis Budge published the Paradise of the Fathers based on a Syriac manuscript in the British Museum. Volume 1 can be found here. Volume 2 can be found here

    The Lausaic History of Palladius has some sayings of the desert fathers. It can be found here.

    Now most people do not think of Budge's works when one talks about the Paradise of the Fathers. Usually one thinks of the Apophthegmata Patrum. There are 2 Greek versions: one listing sayings by Father and one listing by theme. 

    There is a Latin version and excerpts of a Sahidic Coptic version with a French translation by M. Chaine. Anthony Alcock provided an English translation.

    There are Arabic versions of the Apophthegmata but I don't know where they are from. Hopefully, Ramez can shed some light. 

    I don't know which version is recorded in audio. I would assume it is the English translation of the Latin Apophthegmata by Benedicta Ward "Sayings of the Desert Fathers". These are translated from the Latin which somewhat copies the Greek, not the Coptic version.

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