Coptic Accessories

Hi does anyone know where I can purchase coptic bracelets (that have saints on it) and Coptic Orthodox Priest crosses as a gift for a priest. I know of St Moses bookstore but is there any other place that may actually get unique stuff from perhaps Egypt? 


  • Here's one place that might be interesting: -!icons/c49g

    The second website has some crosses that are also in the St Moses Bookstore (St Moses Bookstore is much cheaper in terms of price). There is also a tab on the second website for inlaid crosses which are very nice but expensive. My recommendation is if you're going to Egypt soon or know someone who is, ask them to buy you whatever you want from there (1USD=7EGP). However if that situation doesn't apply to you, your best bet is either the St Moses Bookstore or the first website.
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