I suppose officially I'm just a lapsed Catholic (like a lot of other Catholic Americans I know) since I haven't received orthodox chrismation/baptism, but I would like to become orthodox. Lately, I've been drawn to the Coptic Church in part because of the Desert Fathers (and a yearning for monasticism), but also because my Arabic is better than my Russian, so if the services are in Arabic, I can more or less follow along. The sad thing is that currently I live in a country without a Coptic Church, so I'm resorting to youtube, so I at least have something spiritual to watch and/or listen to.
My goal, when I return to America, is to finally join the church. But in the meantime, I'm hoping to make use of the internet as best I can. I'm really glad to have found tasbeha.


  • were glad to have you here :) God bless your journey to orthodoxy. Let us know if you ever need help with anything!
  • :D Thank you very much. My journey may take a while, but with God's help, I'll get there.
  • What country are in you in? There are many satellite Coptic services done in many countries that may already have a service or a visiting priest. If not, we can direct you to the nearest bishop and I'm sure they will figure something out. I know for a fact that two bishops visit countries in Latin America where there is one family in the whole country. So it may be worthwhile to talk to the nearest bishop. 
  • Thanks for the advice, Remnkemi. I live in Santiago, Chile. There are orthodox churches, but from what I've googled, the only Coptic churches are in Brazil and maybe also Argentina.
  • You should still contact Bishop Youssef of Bolivia. [email protected]. He might be able to get you in contact with local Coptic services or priests.

    You can find more information and call Bishop Youssef directly here http://orthodoxbolivia.org/contact-us/ ;
    Please keep us updated. 
  • Bless you. That's very kind of you to provide this information. I'm going to the website now.
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