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Hey all, I'm a copt dating a non copt. We have discussed marriage. He has said that he would be willing to convert. I just I'm just curious as to what the logistics would be? What kind of questions does abouna ask newly engaged couples?


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    I am a convert and happen to have been in the same exact position and am knowledgeable on the subject. I can help you and your boyfriend out with certain details about how the process works. Feel free to message me so I can have an idea of where you are and get some information about you and your boyfriend that would best be asked privately so that I may give you guys the correct advice.
  • What religion / faith/ denomination is or was your boyfriend?
  • He is catholic
  • My mom is Catholic and my dad is coptic. We now all go to the Coptic church but we still say the Rosary and things like that. Catholics are very close to Coptics. 
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