Annual Psalm and Psalm Trailer Short tunes

Anyone have recordings for the annual psalm trailers for vespers "Pchoice aiwsh" and matins "Ifnouti efeshenheet" and the short tunes of the psalm for vespers/matins? Do you say the trailer before or after the psalm is chanted? I've also seen the coptic psalm skipped and the trailer chanted only. Also, if you know some history about these trailers please share (I haven't been to a church that ever says them).


  • You say the trailer after the psalm

    Here are they

    They are rarely used now

  • We say them at my church says them as much as we can. Trailers are said after the psalms if the psalm is chanted or without the psalm both are fine. The tune for the specific ones you mentioned are on the short tune of je avsaji
  • God bless you Meena that is really helpful. 
  • - The "Trailer" or tawaf is really there to extend the reading/chanting of the psalm until abouna proceeds around the altar (yatoof) to have everyone take the blessing of the gospel.

    - The tune of the tawaf is to follow the tune of the psalm

    - Maroochasf is actually a tawaf that is said in the presence of a bishop
  • It is my understanding that in the original rite, the priest would remain outside of the sanctuary during the chanting of the Psalm, censing and praying special prayers pertinent to the Psalm. He would not enter the sanctuary and circle the altar until after the chanting of Psalm was completed. At this point, he would enter the sanctuary and circle the altar while the Tawaf or Rotation Psalm was chanted. (Notice how its name pertains to its actual functional purpose in the rite). There is a Rotation Psalm for each season, including the annual days.

    Also note that Psalm 141 (140 LXX) is the Rotation Psalm for the Annual Vespers; this Psalm is chanted in Vespers in most all Orthodox churches.
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    Well i would love to see a written source that explains this in a better way. The only one i have access to now is an old version of the Muharraq liturgy book where it clearly written that:
    The psalm is to be chanted and on the third 'hink' (estikhon/stanza), the priest turns to the gospel and gives incense while saying,
    "Worship the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through the prayers of David the psalmist, O Lord grant us the forgiveness of our sins?"
    Then the priest rises up to the sanctuary on the fourth word...the deacon rises to the sanctuary with the gospel. The priest gives incense to him while proceeding around the altar once from the right side while the deacon carries the gospel--with deacons in front of him with candles. The priest prays Simon the priest prayer"

    Edit: I forgot to say that the muharraq book also says that "the people say the following psalms..." and it basically gives the annual tawafs. 
  • I also heard something about the priest taking the gospel to each person in the church to have them kiss it while the tawafs are chanted.
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