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I will be conducting some introductory courses about what it means to be a deacon and I was wondering if anyone had good resources out there or lectures (I already have HG bishop Mettaos book) that could benefit me. Thanks!

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    ^Scroll to "Deacons and Minor Orders"

    Note that some of the conclusions Anba Mettaos draws are highly contested.  I am told that the gold standard is the books by Fr Athanasius el Maqari.
  • thanks, do you have any material regarding the spirituality of the deacons?
  • are Fr Athanasius' books translated?
  • There's this site that's been going around social media and the net for a while. A hidden gem really..

    It's all oriental orthodox literature by authosr and it's being added to daily. It looks like a good initiative since oriental orthodox books are hard to come by on the net. I think authors under it like anba mettaous and Paulos mar gregorious have a few books about service and the diaconate. You'd do well to check it out
  • @Amoussa01

    Sorry, I don't have any more material handy.

    Unfortunately they are not translated.  I think someone is working on them but it will be a long time before publication.
  • wow thank you Tobit. I thought Pope Dioscorus writings didn't even exist. Are there more than the 2 documents on the website even in coptic? I always wanted to learn more about him from the oriental point of view because almost everything out there in English (minus some writings by Severus) paint him in an extremely bad light.
  • Hi, davidschanter,

    Indeed it's refreshing to see this site above focus on something under-served especially in the digital world. Most literature I come across online tends to be EO which is great but we tend to undervalue our heritage and faith the less we're exposed to it. I admire the site's initiative. I think they're about to upload St Severus of Antioch content cus it said under construction. I love their medieval Arabic section. These Arabic fathers represented the Golden age of Coptic theology post Chalcedon. It's a blessing to see this material accessible. I'm not sure how much of St Dioscorus' literature has been translated but his articles on this site are truly a blessing to read. If you want to learn more about St Dioscorus the site has a few good books by Fr Tadros Malaty regarding the history of the Coptic Orthodox Church which contain large subsections dealing with St Dioscorus and the theological contentions of his era, from an OO perspective of course.
  • Honestly the two writings from HH Dioscorus I are the only writings I've ever been able to find from him, translated or not.

    The most likely place to check for untranslated writings would be the "Patrologia Orientalis" series: 

    However none of the titles or contents suggest they have other writings from Pope Dioscorus. Does anyone know if there are other writings from this saint preserved in Arabic?

  • Anyway, I already checked that site before i cam here....thanks anyway
  • Thanks again Tobit. Fr. Tadros Malaty's book "Introduction to the Coptic Church" is one of those rare references that defends Dioscorus. For anyone looking for that defense, it is found in pgs 69-101. The west needs more like this in the English language.
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