Commemoration of the Saints

Does any one have all the stories/info of all the saints mentioned in the midnight praise commemoration? I think it'd be pretty interesting to compile it together and learn why the church choose to add them. Thanks!


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    all stories/info?!
    I think you should start collecting them one by one
    or you may want to search for only the unknown ones instead

    Here is a small guide
    You can find just footnotes about each one that may help

    There are 2 Psalmodies which can help you
    I uploaded it for you (Only the Part of Commemoration of the Saints), you can download it from here

    First: Baramos Psalmody book

    Second: Sorian Psalmody book

  • first thing to check would probably be the Synexarium. I would use the Ethiopian Synexarium because it seems more complete.

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