This is somewhat cool. (Hymn 567 of the Pyramid Texts)

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Watch the following video and skip to 2:45. See if you can figure out which hymn this is. (Hint: it's festive)


  • Wow! That is so obvious. This guy has been listening to a lot of Coptic hymns lol
  • Agios!
  • I don't think they necessarily got this from coptic hymns. I mean, to be honest, I have no way of determining the authenticity of this music as having come from pharaonic texts, but it would be really cool if it did.
  • That's just a title. The composer sampled a piece of Coptic music into his art. Musicians like to sample.
  • Technically, since all ancient Egyptian and Coptic music was transmitted orally and never musically transcribed, Khepra is correct. There is no way to know if any ancient Egyptian hymn survived into Coptic music. But there is a small possibility since there is no contrary evidence to suggest otherwise. 

    In this particular piece, the composer likely wanted to express artistic license, not historical musical accuracy. So Mina is right too.
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