New Coptic App for iOS and web - Anaphora Radio

Hello Everyone,

There is a new Coptic app for iOS and for the web. It's called Anaphora Radio. If you haven't heard yet or signed up already for the Anaphora Radio app, you really should! You have access to a variety of stations including English & Arabic sermons (by many many different speakers), praises, hymns, spiritual songs and liturgies. It's only 0.99 a month to be subscribed to one station...that's less than a candy bar nowadays wink emoticon or subscribe at 2.99 a month for everything! (less than a cup of coffee). Users have the ability to search, create custom stations, custom playlists. If you don't want to subscribe to a station, you can still listen free but are limited to only Divine Liturgies. Please help us share the news with everyone and help us to advertise so that we can continue to add more features! God bless!

Website -

For more up to date news about the app.


  • This is long ago i know, but this app sounds so good.

    Did anyone here try it?
  • Sorry this is late, yes the App is still around! God willing, we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary in April 2020. One of the big changes that happened in the last 4 years is that the app is fully free. There are no subscriptions at all. If the app is helpful for you or anyone you know, we would love your support. Please help us to continue share the news with everyone. 
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