Coptic Font/Language

How do you have implemented the Coptic font in your site?
To add the coptic font (Cs Avva Shenouda) in the CSS style sheet isn't enough beacuase it only works for people who have installed this font on their PC.
We want to add coptic text in out homepage in Austria so I hope you can help me with this problem.

Thank you :)
Ti Shepehmot Entoten :)


  • CSS3 allow you, the server, to have that font and reference it whenever needed without having the user download the font. 
  • Yes, CS Avva Shenouda must be in Unicode, because I use it in (Mac) Emails and it gets through to people. It is vey useful because it doesn't require a keyboard switcher.
  • @Eshpheri, that's a little different. CS fonts are not in Unicode yet. And if you want to use it locally, to a pc, you have to download it intot he system always 
  •  Thanks for that; it's good to know. I hope that someone will produce them in Unicode soon. I like CS Avva Shenouda, and I'm used to it now.

    Linguist's Software does a Coptic font and keyboard switcher in Unicode, but it costs $100. I have used their Classical Greek Unicode fonts and keyboard switcher for years, and their products are really good. So maybe people who can afford it might consider buying their Coptic font in the meantime while waiting for the CS fonts to be available in Unicode. You can see what LaserCoptic characters look like at I have to say that I don't find them very attractive, but they give you everything, including abbreviations. Linguists' Software is primarily for biblical scholars, and their Coptic font includes Sahidic, Bohairic, Old Nubian, and Fayumic characters, including those deriving from Demotic.
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    Thank you @minatasgeel and @eshpheri for your answers, i will try it :)
  • Hey Pawely, here's what I do on most of my websites:

    @font-face {
    font-family: Coptic;
    src: url('<path_to_font_file>/Coptic.otf');

    I'm assuming you can replace "Coptic" with CS Avva Shenouda and Coptic.otf with CS Avva Shenouda.otf
  • Currently, Coptic Unicode would be the way forward as it is easily readable and standardised. Most modern devices and gadget will read it without even installing a coptic font please, check
  • Does anyone know how to get CSS Avva Shenouda font on iOS (iPad and iPhone)?
  • You can't, nor can you add any font to those devices. 
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