Coptic Hymns

where can I find reliable hymn recordings(besides  

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    this is the biggest library on the internet:

  • lol. that is not true about they only have sources that are mainly used in their school. that's it. 
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    when i say the biggest i mean that it includes variety of cantors of the coptic church as :cantor 1-Mikhail          ,2-Tawfiq        ,3-Farag     ,4-Sadek       ,5-Fahim.      6-Hbib,     7-Wadi3,     8-coptic institute      9-,fr metias,     10-Gad      11.Ibrahim,      12 Zaher and  13-cathedral chorus    14Albair...who are not(many of them) included in this website...LOL
  • this website also is a good one
  • @minasafwat I can't figure out how to download from the site you posted. The download button does nothing.
  • change the website
  • Not sure what you mean by that
  • 1-use google chrome

    2-press with the right button on download

    3-chosse the first option (open link in new tab) then you will get the download link
  • I think that site maybe disable downloading for some audio files.
  • all hymns there are downloadable
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