Question about an coptic app (iOS)

Hello my name is Markus, 
I updated a coptic app "iLoghos", which is only for iOS, with new functions

Your feedback/ideas are really important to me, to improve the app for the coptic world:)

Link to the app

Thank you!


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    Hi Markus,

    I really like this app, it provides everything a copt could need on their phone. There's just one thing that I would love to see be changed.
    Instead of clicking on each tarneema to listen to, one by one, it would be much more simpler to play a full album.

    For example, when you want to listen to the first tarneema from Father Mousa Roshdy's album, you have to click on it, then click the play button. When it's over, you have to click back, then click the next song, then click play. I think it would be better if when you click on a song to listen to, it continues to play the songs that come after it rather than manually making it play yourself.

    I'm not sure if Im making sense :)

    The second thing is maybe add more saint would be great to see the full collection

    But all in all, it's a really amazing app! God bless your service and those who contributed to making it :)
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