Noah's Ark

I'd just like to know how the animals survived in the Ark for so long without eating one another?
How did they live together? 
How did the lion live for so long without any food. 
What food did they eat or feed the animals? 

Where did they put the animal waste? Where did the animals go to the toilet?? 

It must have smelt so bad? 

God tells Noah to design an Ark and gives him the exact measurements. As if its an engineering project. OK. Where in the design is it for Animal waste? Surely, to stay in the Ark for so long, the animals needed to go to the toilet?? 


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    Hey Zoxasi,
    It's imperative that we see the historical events in scriptures as having happened and God's miraculous hand alongside that.

    So it takes two distinct outlooks in those stories that piece together an otherwise hard story by today's secular standards. 

    And example of the miraculous in the Noah story comes at Genesis 7.16 "..and the Lord shut him in" The Lord physically shut the door perhaps due to its size/weight. Noah may have built the ark but God intervened miraculously when needed.

    This relates to your inquiries about animal waste, smell, tight enclosure, disease, etc. 
    Where Noah's physical and engineering capacity could do no more, God intervened miraculously in the rest to sustain life and keep the ark afloat. 

    I understand it's convenient to expect answers to every question we have of scripture, but sometimes a secular, less spiritual reading (which I'm not saying you engaged in) will hinder our understanding of God's sovereignty intermixed with our responsibility.

    Noah had a responsibility but that alone is never enough to ensure God's will is done. God wants to witness our obedience to His commands. It less about the ark (which God could've created), & more about our obedience and our willingness to see through a long and turbulent process of obedience which brings about the "shutting in" by the Lord's hands and the final consummation of the commandment intermixed with His sovereignty. 
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