A gospel response especially for the third sunday of the great lent

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here is alink for the response which is used only for the third sunday of the great lent:

for more information:

1-this response is found in( Tartib el bay3a)

2-the response consists of 3 verses (first is found in manuscript of ELsorian which dates back to1414m..second is found in manuscript of ANBA Antonious monastry1377m...the third is found in manuscript of Elbatriarkia 1160m)

3-there are also unique gospel responses for every sunday of the lent..which can be prayed instead of the general one( je peniot) (or) before it..and they are found in Tartib elbay3a

4- this is an image for the first verse (which may be difficult for some to understand )...but i do not know how to put it here ..if there is anyone who cares please tell how to do so.


  • Is it hard to type up the text of all the responses??
  • i already made this response in a pic but i do not know how to put the pic here
    can you help?

  • Hi Minatasgeel,

    Here is my translation of the Gospel response for liturgy of the 3rd Sunday of Len:

    I have sinned O Jesus my Lord: I have sinned O
    Jesus my God: O king do not count the sins: which I have committed.

    I have sinned I have sinned: O my Lord Jesus
    forgive me: for there is no servant without sin: and no master without

    Accept your servant O our Savior: as a son in need
    of salvation: for the water of life are found in You: I was lost and I was
    found in Your flock

  • the third verse of your translation is (not) correct...there are some mistakes in Tartib el bay3a in the thirs verse..
    apparently you did not understand the third verse recorded by abouna Abraam  
  • The church in Milwaukee published a book containing the responses from Tartib El Bay3a in English, Coptic, Arabic for all Sundays of the year

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