can some one who can read coptic, write this hymns in coptic-english. this is for a hymn class for younger kids.

[coptic]Proceuxac;e `uper tou `agiou euaggeliou.
`Cta;yte meta vobou :eou `akoucwmen tou `agiou euaggeliou.
Ari`precbeuin `e`hryi `[email protected] ni`ctrati`a `[email protected] nem nitagma `n`[email protected] `ntef,a nennobi nan `ebol.
<ere ne `w ]par;[email protected] ]ourw `mmyi `n`aly;[email protected] ,ere `psousou `nte [email protected] `are`jvo nan `nEmmanouyl.
Wcanna qen nyet[[email protected] vai pe `pouro `[email protected] `f`cmarwout `nje vye;[email protected] qen `vran `m`P[oic `nte nijom.
Allyloui`a Allyloui`[email protected] Allyloui`a Allyloui`[email protected] Iycouc Pi`,rictoc `pouro `nte `[email protected] aftwnf `ebol qen nye;mwout.
Proceuxac;e `uper tyc `irynyc tyc `agiac [email protected] ka;olikyc ke `apoctolikyc or;odoxou tou :eou ek`klyciac.
Proceuxac;e `uper tou`ar,y `erewc `ymwn papa abba Senou] pi`mah somt papa ke patriar,ou ke `ar,y `epickopou tyc megalo polewc Alexan`[email protected] ke ton `or;odoxwn `ymwn `epickopwn.
Proceuxac;e `upper twn `ygoumenwnke `precbuterwn ke diakonwn epta tagmatwn tou :eou tyc ek`klyciac.
thanks,and if you finds any mistake in coptic, tell me!


  • Here there are, Mina.

    Sorry, it's in coptic-french.
    But I think it's not really far from the coptic-english.
    A little check by the other members of would be great.

    1. Pross-evexaste ipertou aguiou evanguiliou.

    2. Estathite meta fovou Theou: akoussomen to aguio evanguiliou.

    3. Ari epresvevin e-ehrii egon: ni estrati-a en-anguelikon: nem ni taghma en-eporani-yon: entef-ka nennovi nan évol.

    4. Shere ne o ti-parthenos: ti-ouro emmi en-alithini: shere epshoushou ente penguenos are egfo nan en-Emmanouil.

    5. Osanna khen nee-et-etchosi: fai pe eporo empi isra-eel : efis-maro-oot enje fee-ethni-yo: khen efran emepshoice ente nigom.

    6. Alleelouia Alleelouia: Alleelouia Alleelouia: Ieesous Pikhristos epouro ente ep-o-oo: aftonf evolkhen nee-ethmo-oot.

    7. Pross-evexaste ipertys irynys tis aguias monys katholikis ke apostolikis orthodhoxou tou Theou ekeklissias.

    8. Pross-evexsate ipertou arshi erevs ymon papa avva Shenouti pimah shomt, papa ke patriarkhou ke arshi episkopotis meghalo poleos Alexandrias, ke ton orthodhoxon imon episkopon.

    9. Pross-evexsate iperton ighomenos ke epresviteron ke dhiakonon ke ipo-dhiakonon epta taghmaton tou Theou tys ek-eklissias.
    >> You didn't write "ke ipo-dhiakonon" in your coptic text.

    Hope it helps.
    May God bless you.
  • there are a few books out there that have GREAT Copt-ish
  • ya i was about to say, dont u guys have english Deacons' service books and a million edditions of liturgy books??
  • thanks a lot, and by the way ,this is for the alhan compitetion 2005 for the first group.
    and thanks you (Hos erof) for the correction.
  • i think u mean my great french friend tifou ;)
  • hey guys i jus was wonderin how long did it take u 2 learn coptic? im thinkin of learnin it but i dunno- is it difficult?
  • Speaking or reading.
    Reading is pretty easy to learn, just practice a little and you'll get it because your alway's exposed to it in Church, just take a book and follow along.
    Speaking is another story.
  • lol k :D
  • you can actually learn how to read coptic on your own
    first u look at words in the book that u knwo in coptic already, for example, im sure u know "Lord Have Mercy" in coptic is "Kyrie Eleison". then u look at kyrie eleison written in coptic in the bok and then just memorize the letters.
    thats how i did it and it works fine. also u need to practice alot
    hope that helped ;D

  • thanx heaps ;D
  • hey guys
    Actually Coptic is very easy to learn how to read it took me like 2 hours and i got it but u gpotta practice alot but learning to read it would be a nice goal to set because as a deacon it will open up new worlds like i don't know how i made it as a deacon without being able to read coptic so try youll get it quick

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