For all Australians (or anyone who wants to read it - doesn't really matter)


  • very interesting take on things
     considering the fact that the liberal party are the only ones who are maintaining any sort of christian strong hold in parliament
    cause you know labor and the greens are so pro christianity
    forgive me if im wrong on what this guy actually means or intends but although Tony abbot is an absolute fool who doesnt know how to run a country he is the only one sticking by ideals such as anti gay marriage and praying 'Our Father' before the beginning of parliament.
    i would like to know where this person stands on the Sisi interrupting the christmas liturgy or the seperation of Church and state
    I know this topic is currently very controversial in Australia so i want to apologise if i have offended or misunderstood the intentions of this post
  • Maybe I could answer some of those questions.

    1. Gay marriage - Why does the government have to approve marriage? Holy Sacraments are only bound or loosened by the Holy Spirit not the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages. We know that the Holy Spirit will not bind a homosexual relationship, but that isn't the States' business. Even if the State has registered marriages since antiquity it doesn't mean that we adopt it.

    2. Sisi - that dude needs to learn basic propriety. Can the President of a christian nation enter a mosque during Salat ul-Fajr and begin to give a speech that said nothing and was grossly inconclusive?

    3. Separation of Church and State - Constantine was correct to legalise Christianity. Theodosius was so unbelievably wrong to unite the two and enforce the Church on people without the conversion of the heart. Hopefully he will be universally anathematised by the united Orthodox Church.

    4. Liberal Party is Christian - I think he mentions in his letter that it is not for the government to be Christian but for us only. I wholly agree.
  • okay so wat exactly is this guy angry about
  • The Church (particularly in the diaspora) should have a firm teaching that we do not wilfully and overtly embrace politics as a force for good. We should only respect its members as we respect everyone else. As every generation observes its predecessor the lines are getting more and more blurred. I have actually heard people saying that a marriage is not complete without a certificate from the State. How messed up is that? How did we fall this far?
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