Please pray for peace and God's guidance in my life

I moved to a new country to start life with my husband. It has been a year, but I feel I don't belong or that I don't fit in. On top of that, it has not been easy for me to find a job.

This is a big source of stress for me and at times disrupts my relationship with God and causes arguments in my marriage. I love my husband and I am grateful to God that we are together. At the same time, havig nothing to do is stressing me. Since I left a good job to move here, I find myself questioning if I made the right decision.

Please pray that I get God's peace and guidance in my life.

God bless!


  • wow, that's hard.
    do you speak the language of the new country? 
    do you have a church you attend?
    can the church find something for you to do, like caring for old people from inside or outside the church? or doing practical work in the church building (if that's your skill)?
    feel free to answer by private message if you don't want to leave too many details here.

    may God guide you and help you to use all your spare time in a good way, and may He help you to accept the situation you are in.
    if you can accept it, then it is easier (not harder) to change it.

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