EO counterpart of Tasbeha.org

Is there an equivalent of tasbeha.org for the eastern orthodox communion?


  • orthodoxchristianity.net
  • be warned, there are some very strange people who post there!

    you get crazies trying to convert us to their religion, crazies who think only their form of orthodoxy is trully 'orthodox' and others who just have mental health problems who don't always take their meds before posting.

    if you want to stick to nice conversations like we have here, stick to the 'convert issues' section as it is the most heavily moderated.

    do not, under any circumstances message the moderators to gain access to the private forums!

    they are generally not moderated and there are a few people there who are extremely rude!

    there are several nice people who use the site (i am one of the crazies) so you can learn some good things there, but you step out at your own peril...


  • Mabsoota is not kidding about the private forums. I literally drop my jaw every time I go there. The polemics is so high and they have no problem using profanity and making fun of the holiest of subjects. Stay away from the private forums.
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