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if satan, the antichrist and the false prophet are the defiled trinity where do Gog & Magog fit in?
and how do we know the meanings of all the symbols from revelations, if there not explained in the bible..??
in need of ur help


  • my friends plz help me out...
    if jesus comes tommorow then i'll be lost
    this is an important topic oplz share ur views
    and as usual may God guide u to guide me
  • Hi G.J.I.

    The problem with the Revelations book is that it's a prophetic book with most of the events are yet to come. And like all prophecies, nobody can interpret it until it arrives. There are plenty of books in the market which try to interpret the Revelations but we have to be very careful about choosing any of them because a lot of them contains interpretation which are wrong according to our Church teachings like the Millenium Kingdom.

    My suggestion to you if you need to read a very good book about the Revelations interpretation, I suggest the one written by Father Tadros Yaakoub Malaty if's a very good book.

    Thank you and may God bless you.

    Pray for me.


  • i actually have read that book, its amazing, although it doesnt talk mush about Gog and Magog, and it doesnt explain where we got these interpretations from...
    but thnx anyway...
  • i know this is from like wayy back... but whats Gog and Magog?
    and i believe that the Pope HH Pope Shenouda also wrote a book on Revelations
  • Hi G.J.I.,

    I found a book on the interpretation of the revelation by Father Daoud Daoud Sulaiman from the Church of St. George and Anba Abraam in Heliopolis and he interprets Gog and Magog as Russia and China.

    Thank you and pray for me.


  • aha...., thanx KF!
  • hi! but why china and russia? i also heard that during World War I or World War II, there was a bishop that was preaching to the people that the end of the world was coming and as we all could see, it didn't. So i think that depending on the time period, gog and magog will change. and where are gog and magog mentioned anyway? i never heard of them/it.
    But im still confused ??? pray for me
  • Hi egyprincess,

    Gog and Magog are mentionned in Rev. 20:8. I do not know why in the book which I mentionned before they are interpreted as Russia and China because I have to read the whole book first to know exactly the reason.

    What you said also is true about it may change depending on time. Do not forget that these are just prophecies which are not fulfilled yet and everyone tries his best to explain it until the prophecy is fulfilled then everyone will understand its full meaning. But before its accomplishment, it's just personal effort.

    Thank you and pray for me.

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