Coptic Radio - Hilarious

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If you have iTunes, please check out Copt4G Coptic Voice. Its hilarious. 

I have no idea which Church or who is doing this Radio station - but its very original. 



  • Aren't these the same guys who have LCH on youtube? I think they're from the church in Bakersfield. Awesome channel
  • lol.. they have a children's hour with chipmunk. hehehe.. its hilarious. I mean the guys doing it should get a job in Hollywood. They're really hilarious.
  • Wow, this is really nice! Good discovery Thoxasi! :)
  • hey! how are you TITL..its been ages. where have u been?
  • yeah, great to 'see' you again :-)
  • I'm throwing myself a welcome back party in the atheism thread. You're all invited! There's cake :)
  • Haha, virtual cake is always the best ;)
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