iOS 8 Ported Coptic Keyboards

It would be great if someone created a Coptic keyboard for iOS, now that third party keyboards are enabled.


  • Ditto! I was just thinking about this yesterday. You the man, @coptic_deacon. There is a coptic notes app, but I, like you, would love to see a fully integrated keyboard.
  • I've got Coptic Notes, and it certainly was a breakthrough, but of course it was very limited because the system didn't allow full integration. I would also love it if they used the Kyrillos font, rather than Avva Shenouda.
  • really I have always found avva Shenouda to be easier to read 
  • THANK YOU!!!....i think avva shenouda is the best of all, considering the different sizes of text. 
  • Avva shenouda doesn't always format well. the letters are longer than they are wider and sometimes are cut off. Kyrillos is the font used in the Bishop yousef books. It's similar to avva shenouda without the odd-looking outcomes
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