Easter Mass

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hey guys i was just wondering does anyone know when the Easter Mass from Egypt with Pope Shenouda III will be avaiable to stream?? also i was wondering y can't we download the liturgies that are movies

God Bless, Rene


  • I was wondering the same thing so if anybody can shed any light on the matter it would be greatly appreciated. ;)
  • H.H.'s Easter Liturgy will be online as soon as possible.

    As for downloading the liturgies as videos - they consume much of our resources...we try to keep it as fair as possible for the greater good of the entire population of visitors to this site.

    This goes for all videos. They are very large files.

  • thanks for replying and i will be waiting for the mass to come online

    God Bless, Rene
  • I was just wondering when the liturgy would be online...been waiting ages to watch it. Excuse my eagerness! lol

  • We're having some trouble obtaining a copy of the liturgy... it appears that the broadcast on satelite tv was in black and white... we are looking for a color copy.

    That is whats taking so long.

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