HH Pope Shenouda's view on the Book of Enoch

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Hello all,

As I understand, our church does not believe in the Book of Enoch as a canonical book. I've heard that HH Pope Shenouda made a statement refuting the book, does anyone know where I can find this statement? Or what was it exactly that HH said?

Thank you all


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    It wouldn't be "dogma" because HH Pope Shenouda said that, would it? He's not considered "infallible", is he?
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    Correct. Pope Shenouda's views do not NECESSARILY equate to the views of 'the Church'.
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    I understand it's not dogma, and the debate of the Book of Enoch is not important for our salvation.

    But our church as a whole doesn't believe in the book, so in this case his views did equate the views of the church. I just want to know what HH said about it.

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    Not really. To the best of my knowledge we don't have an official response to the Book of Enoch. Therefore, if the Coptic church did not official condemn the Book of Enoch, then Pope Shenouda's comments (even a papal statement - that is something outside the Holy Synod's deliberations and rulings) do not equate the views of the church. It may coincide with the Churches view, but it cannot have the full endorsement of the Coptic Church without a synodal decision.

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