Would my job be approved by god?

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Hi, just wanted to take everyone's opinion on a matter..

For living, i do photo retouching. I'm a contractor for several photography studios where they send me photos to retouch and i send back to them.

From these photos I come across nude photos. Mostly of females, its mostly artistic images showing the human form, nothing explicit. Also put in mind that these photos are not in anyway used for advertising or pornography. I don't retouch models. They are photos of normal people that want artistic shots of themselves nude or in lingere.

Doing this for 10 years now, I never look at these images in a different way than looking at a normal photo. I'm just doing my job. All i'm doing is removing imperfections and smoothing skin just like a beautician at a salon but instead I'm doing it digitally.

Just want your opinion? Do you think this is wrong and won't be approved by god? I prayed about it and asked god if he doesnt approve of it then give me a sign or make things complicated so I know its wrong. So far everything is working smoothly and my business is growing.

So in your opinion do you think this is wrong? To look at images like this? Or am I innocent as I dont look at these for my own pleasure?

Thank you.


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    Dear @Sarah,
     Why are you asking such a question now AGAIN after all these years? Why on this website? Why do you not ask a priest? Why do you write God with a small g?
    The above questions are not anybody's business, they are just for you to answer honestly even if you are still hesitant or unsure.
     For me studying anatomy required being subjected to nude female corpses and photos in anatomy books. For people studying arts they are required to see nude female bodies posing to them, and perhaps sitting long enough to draw. For some medical professionals such as gynaecologists they are subjected to different female body parts. All of those requirements and jobs are not wrong in themselves. As you rightly pointed out it's not the eyes or the photo that cause sin, it's the mind. However on a deeper spiritual level some people give up certain jobs and vocations or even partly so in order not to leave any slight hint of doubt that may cause or get into sin later. God be with you and pray for us, Me and my wife, please..
  • may God be with you all.
    but i don't understand why we are only discussing nude females?
    surely it is the same for both male and female?

  • @mabsoota,
    Sorry I am the one who brought the notion of "mainly" nude females. You are right, it could be any thing; I guess I was just drawing from my own sinful thoughts... pray for me
  • Ophadece,

    Please do not pick on people who ask questions on this forum. Nobody asked for a grammar and spell check. Reading your message, I felt it was hostile. No need to ask why and say "again" in capital letters. We don't tell people off here and nobody is above anybody else.
    And everyone is free to ask whatever they would like to. Nobody wanted to know what you do in your studying as cadavers are entirely unrelated to Sarah's career.
    (No intention of offending, merely pointing out that your approach in answering was not welcoming at all)


    you have asked for others' opinions. My opinion is that it is okay. I don't see any problem with it. You just make people feel better about themselves. You are not hurting anybody or scamming anyone. They knowingly pay for your digital services. Good luck with everything.
  • @mabsoota and @ophadece, i actually think "Sarah" is a female :-)...and it sounds like she is talking about general photos.

    @Sarah, to tell you the truth, I don't know why do you care about anyone's opinion?! If you think you are doing something wrong, simply go to a priest who will clarify things for you. If you know you are doing is good and are happy, keep doing it.

    I am really hating the whole idea of caring to much about people's opinion or specifically wanting to hear people's opinions to justify your own doing--to simply grade our doings on a curve that includes other people. 
  • @mnc_hnn,
    Sorry mate.
    You are quite right... hehe... once again I must have drawn on my sinful nature. I am not a female, so that's why... 
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