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What is the meaning of this word? I've never received a real answer.


  • I wrote about this here but I can't find the link. Paralex is a Copticized word for paralexis, which is a conjugation of para + lexis. Para is a Greek preposition meaning outside, near, by the side, etc. Lexis is a synonym of διάψαλμα diapsalma used in the Septuagint Psalms which was a translation of the Hebrew Selah. It is probably a liturgical rubric meaning "stop and listen". Paralexis can be understood as "Stop and listen to what is said after the pause". 
    As a liturgical hymnographic term, it seems to indicate a shift of tune/melismata from the previous verse or verses. The text of the paralex seems to be related to the previous verse that serves as a contemplation or an elaboration of the first verse. 
    I hope this helped.
  • This was very helpful @Remnkemi. There were a lot of people at my church who were wondering, and I've already relayed the message to one of them. Thank you
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