Where is this Hymn?

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Hi everyone

I heard this hymn after the cathlicon at the easter mass and I think its called O emnai. Does any one know where i could find the audio and the words cos its a real nice hymn.

I dont know if it is just special to the easter liturgy (I never heard before)

Also there was this medih that we said during communion of the mass at abughalamsis. If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks


  • Hi tavmatoroghos
    hymh Onim nai you can find it herehttp://tasbeha.org/mp3/Hymns/Major_Feasts_of_the_Lord/Resurrection/Ibrahim_Ayad/Part_2.html
    and always in the resurrection feast
  • Thanks heaps
    Pray for me
  • There is no madi7a to be said during the apocalypse liturgy rather psalms in the tune of HAGHAPI or yhe great Piehmot ghar.
  • does anyone have an english translations for the this hymn i heard on abu ghalamsis i think it was around the foundations part of revelations.....Jerusalem the heavenly..etc i dont know anymore...sorry...can anyone help?
  • The Psali and Melody for Bright Saturday is posted on the deacons website:


    The Reading of the Apocalypse and its hymns is also posted.

    The Melody for Bright Saturday is chanted during the raising of Incense in the Matins Prayers. In some churches, it is also chanted during the distribution after the Hymn of "My God, My God".
  • Why would there be any reason to chant the praises psali during communion that is unheard of, made up and totally unfounded. Since when do we chant psali's from praises during communion? Also there is no excuse in this case as the rites clearly state if the psalms 'My God, My God' are completed then the readers start reading the prophecies of the Resurrection eve. I personally (based on ritual teaching) cannot see any reason to chant a psali during communion.

    If anyone does this then please explain why?
  • Sorry Gerges,

    Jerusalem the heavenly doesn't seem to be in there? mabey it is but i missed it??

    It was such a nice hymn...i would love to sing it next year


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